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Pahalgam is not a mere hill-station. Its a recreation resort. Its like going into the lap of nature to do many things. You want to have a romantic trip with your beloved, want to get together with you family, and have what they call a 'quality' family time, you want to do those little interesting things with the family and kids, like take a pony ride, just picnic next to a beatiful river, just lie down under the sun next to your 'hut' with fresh breeze blowing, and read a book, or have a game of cards.

One of the premiere holiday resorts in the area, Pahalgam Resort has the best view of pines and meadows. The Resort is situated in the heart of the town. Known for its warm hospitality and courteous staff, the resort is a must stay destination for tourists visiting Pahalgam.

Pahalgam Attractions

ARU Camping

Aru is an ideal place for summer camping due to its nature climatic condition and natural scenery. The Pahalgam and Aru meadows offer numerous camping sites amidst pine forest. Equipment for camping is easily available on rental bases. Aru is the Best place for camping in Pahalgam, one must spend couple of nights here if you love nature. So amazingly located and surrounded by warm hearted people.


Trekking in Kashmir does not mean just walking over forested mountains as it combines nature and the local culture. As the trekker climbs higher, the landscape changes. Chinar and poplar trees are replaced by fir, pine and oak and finally Burch trees, the alpine meadows and a profusion of colorful wild flowers. The simple villagers in the plainsare replaced by migrant families of Nomads / Gujjars

Horse Riding

Horse riding in Kashmir is one of the best ways to explore the beautiful countryside and mountain passes of Kashmir. Imagine riding through the pathways and gentle slopes of Kashmir would be incredible indeed. Kashmir is abounding with Horses that are readily available for hire. You can approach our Helpdesk for assistance in getting a horse hired for you for touring purposes.

Nearby Places

  • Baisaran

    Baisaran is one of the most beautiful place in Pahalgam. Baisaran is situated about 5 kms from Pahalgam. The most beautiful of these is the huge, undulating meadow of Baisaran, surrounded by thickly wooded forests of pine. The meadow of Pine tree and the cool environment makes Baisaran a wonderful tourist attraction. Visitors can enjoy a horse ride available at the market place near the bus stand.

  • Aru Valley

    An excellent choice for both leisure seekers and adventure lovers, Aru Valley enriches the glory of Jammu and Kashmir tourism by being the starting point of trekking expeditions to Kolahoi Glacier and Sonmarg. Apart from the trekkers, the village also caters to the skiing desires of tourists who love to visit the place during winters. Aru Valley is located at a distance of about 12 km from Pahalgam.

  • Betaab Valley Pahalgam

    Earlier known as Hagan Valley or Hagoon, Betaab Valley got its present name after the blockbuster Bollywood movie ‘Betaab’ was shot there in 1983. A combination of picturesque surroundings, the valley falls on the way to Amarnath Temple Yatra and is one of the three angelic valleys of Pahalgam; the other two being Aru and Chandanwadi.

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